I recently was on grass city and read a post about modding this ecig brand tru smoke.com pretty cheap to vaporize pot.
Then I was thinking why not just use it as a 1 hitter for a disposable ecig pot mod.

So this is what Happened

I grabbed this kit for cheap and starter “modding” and by that I mean all I did was put some pot in the filter.  Like this…

Ecig mod for pot

Ecig mod for pot

So all was going well except I had a few gripes.  If you over stuff the filter it does not work that well, and when it does you only get a few hits.  There is also some pot smell like a regular vaporizer but still pretty discrete overall just don’t go around blowing it in peoples face.  I did hallow out a few of the filters and take a few packed ones in the car.  Pretty easy to toss away when your done or need be.

This Is Where It Went Wrong

Things were going great, cheap, vaping is it an ecig or is it a pot vape…haha only I knew.  Then bam I think I burnt out the atomizer.  All of a sudden I couldnt get it to vape anymore, I re charged the battery, I changed and repacked the filter too.  Nothing worked, I tried to repair the coil but it didn’t work.  I tried to find a new atomizer for it but no luck, I ended up ordering another starter kit, kinda sucks but it was cheap and I def got my use out of it.

The Great Idea

While I was waiting for my new kit to arrive I was thinking how crappy it was to not have a portable vape.  Then I had an idea, why not pack the filters the same and just smoke it regular.  It is definitely less discrete but still better than trying to roll a joint or smoke a bowl in public.  I just took it out like I was smoking an ecig then pulled off the filter and a lighter.  Just smoked it like a regular 1 hitter, got a few puffs then threw it out.  Not too classy but did the job quick and easy.